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Factory Introduction

Yixing Able Ceramic Fibre Products Co., Ltd, was founded in 2006, specialize in High temperature resistant product.
There are three series of products as following: 


1: For gas fireplace, including gas logs, pebbles, coals, fireplace panels, fire glass. it made from ceramic fiber or concrete and clay, this is our main products.

2: For Metal Precision casting, Ceramic fiber crucible , cones, pipe etc.

3: High temperature gas filtration, such as ceramic fiber gas filter elements, now we are the only one manufacturer in China.


All products are made from environmental friendly and non-toxic materials. it can resist temperature of  800-1400 centigrade degree. 


Area covered

70 +

Technical talents

ABLE now is the most professional and the largest gas log manufacturer in China.
Products include: Ceramic fiber gas log, Panel,Cement-clay log, Log burner, Super fire glass, and various log accessories, such as pebble, coal, pine cone. charcoal, maple leaf, glowing ember etc.
ABLE gas log use for gas fireplaces ,fire pit, alcohol fireplaces, Even used in electric fireplaces also with distinctive lifelike effect.
ABLE has sculptors can design for customized products, has unique technology and patents, products have high-end quality and high cost performance.

Company Culture

Constantly contribute high-quality products to society

Corporate mission

We always adhere to the value concept of "professional focus, integrity and pragmatism".

Enterprise Spirit

To provide customers with quality products and technical support and after-sales service.

Business philosophy

The demand of customers is a huge wealth, and we will prosper with quality and win with excellence.

Quality policy

Take quality as the life of the company, focus on customers, and continue to improve.


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