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Multifunctional filter element

Tianya company focuses on development and manufacturing of ceramic filter elements for hot gas filtration and have rich experience in this field. We owns a number of invention patents, dozens of general patents, and independent intellectual property rights.

Our company works closely with well-known universities, research institutions and national laboratories such as Shanghai Jiaotong University and Wuhan Silicate Laboratory to improve the quality of the products. We provide customers with high-quality filter elements and solutions for environmental protection treatment of flue gas, energy saving and emission reduction.

Products cover various types of filter elements. Such as dedusting filter elements in a variety of temperatures, multifunctional dedusting and denitrification filter elements,and catalytic filter elements for removal dioxins, etc.

Company relies on technology and people, continues to innovate and provide high-quality products and services to customers. We’re looking forward to your visit and cooperation. 

Company Profile

Multifunctional filter elements


(1)Features of multifunctional filter elements

        ※ Enriched with catalyst; Surface dust removal; Stable catalyst efficiency.

        ※ Small pore size, large specific surface area, high catalyst efficiency.

        ※ Embedded with different catalysts, it can remove acid, sulfur and dust in one unit.



(2)Specification of CF hot gas filter elements 



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