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Firepit Log

Item No:
Ceramic Fiber (RCF) or Body Soluble Fiber (Customized).
Suitable for:
Outdoor firepit, electric fireplace, gas fireplace, Jel fuel and bio-ethanol fireplace, gas firepit.
Normal packing:
Each log in a bubble bag, one set in a box.
FOB Price:
1: Above pictures show the log in the 400mm Fire Pits. If needed, you can choose one or more logs in this set to build a larger or higher fire.
2: Material: Ceramic fiber. Special strengthening treatment for outdoor use.
3: Packing and details:
A: Normal :  Bubble bag per log, 1 set/ box. Box size:40x20x12cm    G.W.:1.3kg
      This log set not easy to break, normal packing are suitable for mail.
B: Forming: Instapak foam. More nice and safety for mail. Box size: 43x25x16cm   G.W.:1.3kg
Features: Inorganic refractory material , Light weight and not easy to break, Realistic look, Glowing red effect in the burning fire, No discoloration. No odor. Durable in use.

Important information during installation: 

Ceramic logs do not cover or clog the gas orifices. 
If the gas orifices cannot be avoided, please keep the logs away from at least 50~100mm above of the gas orifices. 
If you can lay some bigger particles on the bottom to disperse the fire flame, such as bigger vermiculite, bigger volcanic stones, bigger fireglass, or something else is larger than the gas orifices, to avoid the gas fire direct combustion on the logs, which can effectively avoid carbon excessive or insufficient combustion.
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